11, May 2024
How to Play the Alpha Test in Smite 2?

How to Play the Alpha Test in Smite 2?

The Smite 2

Smite 2 offers a unique blend of action and strategy, combining elements of third-person gameplay with the depth of a MOBA. Players can experience intense battles where every move counts, whether they are sneaking up on enemies or coordinating attacks with teammates to defeat the enemy Titan.

Accessible across multiple platforms, Smite 2 ensures seamless gameplay on keyboard and mouse, controller, or SteamDeck, with full cross-play and progression support. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Smite 2 introduces next-generation visuals powered by Unreal Engine 5, delivering more impactful combat and innovative gameplay options.

Despite its accessible learning curve with features like auto-build and auto-level, Smite 2 offers depth and complexity for players to explore, making it easy to start but challenging to master. Scheduled for release in May 2024, Smite 2 will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows platforms, developed by Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games.

How to Play the Alpha Test in Smite 2?

Here, are the steps to Play the Alpha Test in Smite 2:

Getting into the Alpha Tests

There are two ways to join the closed testing periods for Smite 2: registering your interest or purchasing the Founder’s Edition.

Registering Your Interest


  • Visit the official Smite website.
  • Fill out the form on the home page.
  • On PC, you can also request access on Steam by visiting the Smite 2 page in the store and clicking “Request Access”.
  • Wait for an email from the developers containing a game key that will give you access to the Alpha.


Buying the Founder’s Edition

If you are sure you want to play Smite 2, you can pre-order the game by purchasing the Founder’s Edition.


  • There are 3 tiers of the Founder’s Edition.
  • All tiers grant access to the Alpha testing periods.
  • You will also get the full game once it is released.


When does The Smite 2 Alpha Test Start?

The Smite 2 Alpha testing starts on May 2 at 8 PM ET and ends on May 4 at 10 PM ET. This testing allows players to try out the game before it officially launches. Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games organize these tests to make the game better by getting feedback from players.

They plan to have more testing periods each month until the game is ready to be released. Players can join the testing by registering on the Smite website or by purchasing vbucks generator  the Founder’s Edition of the game. In the alpha test, players can play as different gods like Ymir, Loki, Anubis, and Bellona to see how the game works and provide feedback to improve it.

Which Gods are in The Smite 2 Alpha?

In the first Alpha Test of Smite 2, players can choose from 14 different gods to play with. These gods include:




1 Anhur
2 Anubis
3 Athena
4 Bacchus
5 Bellona
6 Cernunnos
7 Chaac
8 Loki
9 Fenrir
10 Kukulkan
11 Neith
12 Odin
13 Ymir
14 Zeus


While this roster is limited for the initial Alpha, more gods may be added later as the developers continue to work on the game and make improvements. This variety allows players to test out different playstyles and abilities while providing valuable feedback to help refine the game.

How to Sign Up For The Alpha Tests on PC?

Here, are the steps to sign up For The Alpha Tests on PC given below:

How to Sign Up for Smite 2 Early on PC

Step 1: Visit the Smite 2 page on Steam.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on “Request Access” next to the “Join the Smite 2 Playtest” section.

Step 3: Wait for a notification from Steam confirming your selection to play.

How to Sign Up for Smite 2 Early on Consoles

Step 1: Visit the official Smite 2 website.

Step 2: Click on “Register For Alpha” at the top left corner of the page.

Step 3: Choose your console platform and enter your email address.

Step 4: Keep an eye out for an email informing you of your selection.

Unfortunately, neither of these methods guarantees early access to Smite 2. The only surefire way to play in the alpha is to purchase the Founder’s Edition for $30.


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