11, May 2024
Season 11 of Married At First Sight Australia began


MAFS Australia 2024: Who Is Still Together?

Season 11 of Married At First Sight Australia began with several hopeful singles, expertly matched and meeting for the first time on their wedding day. These couples included Richard and Andrea; Lucinda and Timothy; Jack and Tori; Jayden and Eden.

While some relationships, like Natalie and Collins and Madeleine and Ash, ended swiftly, others embarked on exciting journeys filled with cheating scandals, controversial remarks, and numerous arguments. This left many viewers speculating about the current status of the couples from the 2024 season of Married At First Sight.

Following the airing of final vows and the reunion in Australia, the fate of these couples has been revealed. Here’s an update on which couples are still together and which have split.

Couples Who Are Still Together

Jack And Tori

Jack and Tori were a controversial couple on MAFS Australia 2024. Their clashes with others and lack of on-screen intimacy fueled doubts about their connection. Despite the drama, they chose to stay together after the finale.

Surprisingly, Jack and Tori seem to be flourishing outside the show. Tori even relocated to be with Jack, and their social media presence shows a happy couple. They’ve even gotten matching tattoos!

Jack and Tori’s popularity may be questioned by some, but they’re one of MAFS Australia’s biggest success stories, leaving fans wondering if their new-found love will last.




Ridge And Jade

Jade and Ridge fell in love at first sight, despite the fact that he had a peculiar sense of humor. Although there was an undeniable physical attraction between them, there was a fundamental question on everyone’s mind: Is Ridge emotionally ready to settle down with Jade and her little girl?

Jade had her doubts about Ridge’s willingness to step into the role of stepfather and move interstate. But after the reunion, Ridge, who works as a psychiatric nurse in NSW, is looking for work in Queensland and wants to move to Gold Coast, Jade’s hometown.

In a gesture of his deep affection, Ridge solidified his commitment by getting Jade’s name tattooed on his body, leaving no doubt about his feelings for her.




Ellie and Jonathan

Ellie and Jono, the sole couple swap in Season 11, stirred up considerable controversy when they revealed their relationship at the MAFS reunion. They had kept their romance hidden after parting ways with their original partners and reconnecting outside the show.

Despite criticism from both Lauren and the viewers, Ellie and Jonathan’s relationship has remained strong. They’ve been traveling together post-production and have even professed their love for one another. There are rumors circulating that they’ve made the big decision to move in together. Will they be crowned the most successful MAFS couple of Season 11? Only time will tell.




Couples Who Are Not Together

Collins And Natalie

Collins Christian, 28 and Natalie Parham, 32 is one of the most unusual couples on Married at First Sight Australia season 11.

After the most embarrassing honeymoon in history, Collins and his partner Natalie knew from the start that they couldn’t do it and left the challenge shortly after.

Since her departure from the show, Natalie has been romantically linked to MAFS Australia’s fellow groom, 33-year-old Ash Galati. However, she has now opened up about her relationship with an unnamed woman she knew before the series finale.

Lauren and Jonathan

Lauren and Jonathan’s story on Married At First Sight Australia 2024 was one of disappointment and ultimately, failed expectations. Matched by the experts, they initially showed potential. Lauren, with her sharp wit, and Jonathan, with his easy going nature, seemed to strike a balance.

However, cracks soon began to appear. Their honeymoon wasn’t filled with romance, and Lauren struggled to connect fully with Jonathan. Despite these issues, they decided to stay together throughout the experiment.

A bombshell was dropped during the final weeks. It was revealed that Jonathan had been secretly texting fellow contestant, Ellie. Lauren was heartbroken, especially after Jonathan downplayed the texts as just friendly banter.  The couple ultimately decided to go their separate ways at the final vows.

There’s no happily ever after for Lauren and Jonathan. Reports indicate they are not together and haven’t rekindled any romance. Jonathan moved on with Ellie, while Lauren is likely focusing on finding love outside the experiment.

Sara and Tim

Sara and Tim’s relationship on MAFS Australia 2024 was a whirlwind of ups and downs, ultimately ending in disappointment. Despite a seemingly pleasant initial meeting at the altar, cracks quickly formed.

Struggles to find a deep connection, fiery arguments, and even a cheating scandal involving Sara meeting her ex plagued their time together.  Tim later described feeling “scared” by Sara’s anger and frustration during arguments.  Despite the tumultuous journey, they decided to stay together at the final vows, attempting to make it work outside the experiment.

However, their commitment was short-lived. Reports reveal they split a month after filming wrapped. While they briefly reconnected as friends, it appears they haven’t rekindled any romance. Tim has even moved on, reportedly dating a woman named Barbara whom he met before the show.

Sara and Tim’s story serves as a reminder that even seemingly compatible matches can struggle on MAFS Australia. Their failed relationship highlights the challenges of finding love in an  unconventional setting.

Jayden and Eden

Jayden and Eden were one of the couples on MAFS Australia 2024 who initially seemed to have a strong connection. Despite some challenges, they chose to stay together at the final vows and appeared happy during the reunion show. However, their relationship wasn’t meant to last.

Eden announced their split in April 2024, leaving fans heartbroken. They had been together for nearly eight months after filming ended.  She expressed feeling “blindsided” by the breakup,  stating that “the person I chose didn’t choose me” in a social media post.

While the exact reasons for the split remain unclear, it seems the spark faded after the initial excitement of the experiment wore off.  Both Eden and Jayden have since moved on. Eden secured a deal with a talent manager to pursue influence, while Jayden refocused on his kickboxing career, even competing internationally.


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