13, May 2024
Why is the Top or Bottom Teeth Talker Trend on TikTok?


Tik Tok Top or Bottom Teeth Talker Trend

On TikTok, there is a popular trend called “Top or Bottom Teeth Talker.” People lip-sync to a song to see if their top or bottom teeth show when they talk. Most want to be top-teeth talkers because it is seen as more attractive. But in 2022, bottom-teeth talkers were considered better-looking. People think talking gta 5 apk  with top teeth makes them look younger.

As you age, your skin gets looser, so you might talk with your bottom teeth more. Many TikTokers have joined in, sharing their results. Max Baledge, a TikToker with 3.5 million followers, found out he is a bottom-teeth talker, surprising him. His video got over 26.2 million views, and people are sharing their own experiences and confusion about the trend in the comments.

Bottom Teeth Talker Meaning

The “Bottom Teeth Talker” trend on TikTok, sparked by Megan Fox’s recent podcast appearance, involves people copying her mouth movements to see if their lower teeth are more visible when they talk. In simple terms, if you are a “bottom teeth talker,” it means that when you speak, your bottom teeth are the ones that show more than your top teeth.

This trend has made some people feel insecure about how they talk and look. While there is a belief that being a “top teeth talker” is more attractive and associated with looking gta 5 apk  younger, it is just a passing trend and does not matter. Some say it is because of how your lips are as you get older or if you are smiling when you talk. But remember, it is just for fun and does not change how attractive you are.

Top Teeth Talker Meaning

The “Top Teeth Talker” trend on TikTok, fueled by Megan Fox’s recent podcast appearance, focuses on how people’s teeth look when they talk. Users have noticed that Megan’s top teeth are not as visible as her bottom teeth when she speaks, sparking curiosity among TikTok users.

This trend involves lip-syncing to a song called ‘Hide Away’ by Daya to see if your top teeth or bottom teeth are more noticeable when you talk. People think being a “top teeth talker” looks more attractive and youthful. However, opinions about what’s attractive have changed over time.

Some users worry that this trend might make people feel insecure about their appearance. Experts say it might depend on your age and how your lips are shaped. But remember, it is just a silly trend and does not mean anything about how attractive you are.

Why is the Top or Bottom Teeth Talker Trend on TikTok?

The Top or Bottom Teeth Talker trend on TikTok emerged because people wanted to know if they predominantly show their top or bottom teeth when talking. They mimic Megan Fox’s mouth movements and lip-sync to “Hide Away” by Daya to figure it out. Being a “top teeth talker” is considered more attractive, but opinions on beauty have changed.

Some think showing upper teeth makes you gta 5 apk  look younger, while others believe lower teeth become more visible with age. Thousands of TikTokers have joined the trend, with mixed reactions to their results. For instance, TikToker Max Baledge’s discovery that he’s a bottom-teeth talker sparked a lot of discussion. Overall, it is a fun trend on TikTok that has people interested in their dental alignment.


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